We love our City!
Love = Serve is how we are playing our part in activating God’s love to serve Washington DC through volunteering initiatives and giving.

Become a ServCorp volunteer

We are excited to introduce this new initiative to help fill the needs of people in our community.

The purpose of being a ServCorp volunteer is to:
1. Activate our church community to meet needs in their own neighborhoods by downloading an app and/or signing up to volunteer through Heights Foundation.

2. Provide a way for people in our church family to request help and extra support during this time. (This can include anything from grocery runs to financial assistance).

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or are someone in need of assistance during this time, please let us know by submitting your information from the options below.

Heights Foundation
Covid-19 Response


Mental health support by providing for DC127 placed foster children.


Reaching out to all of our local partners and seeing what they need specifically, and trying to meet that need.


Scheduling more leaders/pastors to online experiences and prayer rooms, to respond to people in crisis, and increase presence to be a friendly voice for those in isolation.


Rolling out emergency food relief across the country through Convoy of Hope.


Delivering meals to essential personnel businesses and essential care professionals.


Reaching out to local Nursing Homes to assess needs, and avenues to provide support.


Providing and funding for those making masks for hospitals and vulnerable people, as requested.


Supporting pastoral care and benevolence to those who have lost jobs, and need access to food relief, as needed.


Examining Citizen Heights programming (now and on the road to recovery) to insure we can continue social distancing, and include key vulnerable groups (youth, children, families, elderly, etc.) when stay at home orders are lifted, and church begins gathering.


Sanitation support by providing bars of soap and hand sanitizer to area shelters.


Providing THE GREATEST LOVE KINDNESS printable cards for the church to use, as they make drop-offs within their community and neighborhoods.


Established SERVCORP, an arm of Heights Foundation aimed at activating and coordinating service opportunities to bring relief to those impacted by COVID-19.


Enhancing website to link people to services available through the government support for ongoing impact.


Working with Little Lights to provide resources and people-power, to help children:

- Obtain iPads and reliable wifi internet service for distance learning
- Provide lunch programs
- Provide Family Center supplies (diapers, cleaning supplies, toiletries) as the need has more than doubled mainly due to access limitations in Wards 6 & 7


Pivoting our Heights Foundation (and H4TH budget) to find those not supported by government programs including international students, undocumented non-citizens & asylum seekers.