Inspiring Hope | Removing Limitations


Welcome to Citizen Heights. We're glad you are here. Our heart is to inspire hope, remove limitations and help people experience God's possible for their life. No matter what you've already achieved or how great your past failures, we're convinced God's possible awaits. We believe new possibilities await your marriage, your career, your finances, your family and every area of your life. As a local church, we are a community of everyday people who love Jesus and are passionate about reaching people with the love, hope and goodness of a faithful God.

Michael & Heather Giroux

Lead Pastors of Citizen Heights

Our absolute passion is to love God, build the church, extend the Kingdom of God and see the everyday influential people of our city live free and fulfilling lives in God’s purpose. We truly believe God is good, Jesus is the way and that people who surrender to Jesus have enormous potential to influence the world for good. We believe God’s best is still ahead of you!

Do the Right Thing

Current series

Decision, decisions, decisions. Some are as easy as which route to take to work. Others can be challenging and life-altering. So, we fret over them. We put them off. We even give others the power to make them for us. I’ve always wondered, why do such ‘smart’ people, make such bad decisions. If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to learn a kingdom mindset for making big decisions. After all, your decisions lead you to your destiny. In this new sermon series, we’ll learn how navigate the big decisions, leaning on our big God and His incredible plan for our lives.

Prayer Request


Please allow us to join with you in prayer. Citizen Heights Church believes in the power of prayer. Whatever you are going through, we want to pray with you. Our Pastoral Team prays over every prayer request we receive, and truly desires to see your faith and relationship grow to new heights as you turn to Him for all your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.