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Heights Men


  • All of us want to be men of integrity, men of strength and men of purpose.

    Our goal at Heights Men is to create an environment where men can Heal in a protected place, Grow in a challenging environment, Build relationships, mentorships and friendships, Adventure Courageously into our world and Fulfill our destiny in God.

  • We exist to see men of all ages, cultures & backgrounds live for a cause GREATER than themselves.

  • We gather to inspire and encourage one another to live lives of strength – impacting our workplaces, friends and families, while serving the needs of our community, and beyond.

Men Of Purpose

Height's Men Camping Trip

In a world where people are constantly trying to define what the true definition of a real man is, it’s our hope that you’ll find this quick excursion fun, restful and relationally on-point. The trip is always full of laughs, awesome food, the great outdoors and memorable fire-side chats. We know you’ll leave encouraged, inspired and a better man. No equipment, no problem!

Height's Men Breakfast

Ever noticed life isn’t always smooth sailing and doesn’t always go according to your plan? It can lead to surprises, anger, frustration, disappointments and doubts.

We believe relationships and prayer are a powerful, unstoppable combination in a man’s life. Through them, we can transform our circumstances, and even more importantly, ourselves personally.

About once a month, the men of Citizen Heights gather for 90 minutes of real talk, real relationships and a really-good breakfast. We want to celebrate with you in the good times and stand with you in the hard times.

These mornings will leave you filled with hope, feeling refreshed, recharged and full of faith to tackle life.

“To help us minimize food waste, pre-registration is appreciated, although not required.”



Citizen Groups are a great place to meet people and make friends. Our groups take place throughout the Washington DC Metro area in homes, coffee shops or restaurants about once a week. Some are men only, while many are co-ed. All of our groups are a way for you to find a place where you belong, connect and share life with others.

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