December 19 | 2021 Experiencing the Miracle of God’s Redemptive Plan | The Miracle of Christmas Michael Giroux

Christmas is the story of God’s miraculous arrival and intervention in our lives. It’s a reminder of God’s miracles; the big miracle of His arrival and the millions of little miracles of His daily concern. Although we sometimes fail to realize His wondrous and amazing grace in the moment … God still does miracles!

The story of Christmas is a tale of an overwhelming joy, revealed to the world through the wonders of His love. And, that miraculous story is still being written! God wants to show-up in your life today and use this Christmas to remind you of the big miracle of his arrival, but also, the millions of little miracles that come our way. The miracle of Christmas is God’s invitation for you to receive the gift of His arrival and the grace that will carry you in every season of life. Join us this December for The Miracle of Christmas.